The Utility Centre® is a commercial energy broker established to save businesses money on their commercial gas, electricity and water utility costs.
Our dedicated team of money saving specialists can guide you through the process of switching your utility provider and making sure your business gets the best deal available.
Since the deregulation of the gas and electricity markets in 1986  and water in 2017, competition among suppliers has been very high.  This is good for consumers as it increases the possiblity of negotiating a better deal with your current supplier or by switching to a new supplier.
The Utility Centre® has helped over 40,000 businesses save money on their utility costs.  We know the ins and outs of every supplier, tariff and contract out there.  Our virtual buying power and relationships with utility providers helps achieve prices much better than an individual ever could.  If you find a great deal, get in touch and give us the opportunity to see if we can beat it.
Just a few pieces of information will allow us to take the hassle and inconvenience out of switching your business gas, electricity or water contract by conducting a full energy market comparison, and as we work alongside a large number of the UK's leading suppliers we can offer the most current tariffs, at the best rates, which are perfectly suited to your business's needs.

The Benefits Of Using The Utility Centre

Save Your Time

The Utility Centre provides utility quotations from nearly all major suppliers.  Our service is quick, easy and hassle free giving you more time to focus on whats really important, your business.

Compare Prices Save Money

By comparing and negotiating with all major energy suppliers, we are able to find the best price energy tariff that matches your requirements.

Experience & Understanding

Let us guide you through the task of sourcing an energy supplier.  Our team of experts have a vast amount of experience and knowledge regarding the procurement of utilities for business.

No obligation

There is no obligation or charge when you ask us for a quotation for your gas, electricity or water.  Give us the opportunity to provide a great priced quotation or beat your renewal price.

No Charge

All the services provided by the Utility Centre are FREE.  We do not charge our customers anything, instead we may receive a supplier paid commission upon your acceptance of a new contract.

Our History

The Utility Centre is a commerical energy consultancy, founded with the aim to create an energy cost management consultancy to save our customers money on their business utilities.
Our understanding of the energy industry and the wholesale utility suppliers, allows us to help clients achieve the best price for their commercial gas, electricity or water.
The dedicated team of experts at the Utility Centre will help guide you through the process of switching your utility provider, making saving money as easy as possible.

The Service we provide

The Utility Centre has helped thousands of businesses make great savings on their energy bills.  We know the fine details of every major supplier, tariff and contract.  Coupled with our buying power we can source better deals than individual customers are able to negotiate.  Give us a try today, if you obtain a price for your utilities, get in contact, we will relish the opportunity to see if we can beat it!
With only a few key pieces of information we can take the hassle out of switching your business energy contract by doing a full energy market comparison, and as we work alongside a large number of the UK’s leading suppliers we can offer the best current tariffs, at the best rates, which are perfectly suited to your businesses needs. Then we’ll send you on your way with a great new tariff and contact you again when it’s time to renew.
Our clients save on average £976 for a five minute chat, get in touch to find out how we can save your buiness money.

How we can help

The Utility Centre recognises the challenges that businesses face day to day and we realise that not all businsesses are the same.  Our energy brokerage services are individually tailored to fit the requirements of each client, this approach helps to ensure that our customers receive a level of service and obtain results that surpasses their expectations.

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