Cutting emissions ‘is no longer a technological problem’

Cutting emissions is no longer a technological problem but one of policy and business readiness.

That’s the verdict from Mike Hughes, Zone President UK & Ireland at Schneider Electric, who spoke to ELN Editor Sumit Bose at the firm’s 2019 Innovation Summit in Barcelona last week.

He said the solutions required to cut emissions, manage carbon footprints and drive sustainability are now here and noted as the UK has just legally signed off for net-zero by 2050, the government is now likely to start to push this agenda heavily.

Mr Hughes told ELN: “You already see a lot of the investor community starting to view risk around ‘is this business going to be something that can make the sustainability curve’ so I think it’s a combination of saying the tech is there to solve the problem, or at least to make the issues visible, it’s now that external environment that is pushing this topic along very heavily.”

We’ll be bringing you more reports from Barcelona over the coming days.

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