What are Energy Brokers?

Energy Brokers Explained?

Energy brokers also known as Commercial Energy Brokers or Business Utility Brokers work with energy suppliers and are associated mainly with the commercial energy market.  They act as a middle man by helping companies to search and compare energy or water supplier prices for business electricity, gas and water contract costs.
The Utility Centres team of expert energy brokers can help your business find the best value energy or water contracts which will save your business money.  Simply tell us a little about your requirements and our team will do the rest, collating prices from all main UK suppliers.  Our team will then present all our findings for your analysis, and when you choose the best supplier for your needs our team will take care of all administration and liaise with suppliers.
The Utility Centres team of expert energy brokers can help your business source its energy and water contracts.  Find out how your business could save time and money by choosing to work with the Utility Centre.

The Benefits Of Using The Utility Centre

Save Your Time

The Utility Centre provides utility quotations from nearly all major suppliers.  Our service is quick, easy and hassle free giving you more time to focus on whats really important, your business.

Compare Prices Save Money

By comparing and negotiating with all major energy suppliers, we are able to find the best price energy tariff that matches your requirements.

Experience & Understanding

Let us guide you through the task of sourcing an energy supplier.  Our team of experts have a vast amount of experience and knowledge regarding the procurement of utilities for business.

No obligation

There is no obligation or charge when you ask us for a quotation for your gas, electricity or water.  Give us the opportunity to provide a great priced quotation or beat your renewal price.

No Charge

All the services provided by the Utility Centre are FREE.  We do not charge our customers anything, instead we may receive a supplier paid commission upon your acceptance of a new contract.

What makes the Utility Centre different from other business gas, electricity & water brokers?

  • The services provided by the Utility Centre are FREE of charge.
There is no charge for any of the services the Utility Centre offers, your business has nothing to lose!
  • We are one of the UK's leading commercial utility brokers.
We help over 40,000 UK businesses to manage and monitor their business utilities.
  • We are independent & impartial.
We work with a wide range of business energy & water suppliers, so we can provide you with lots of options for your business energy or water.  Our top priority is to help you get the right contract which offers the best value for your business.
  • We can help you beyond just securing a new contract.
We provide support to make sure that your energy or water supply encounters no problems and deal with suppliers on your behalf, saving you the time and inconvenience.

The Utility Centre would relish the opportunity to help you save on your business utilities.

* Whatever your business size, type or industry.

* However much gas, electricity or water you use.

The Utility Centre are confident we can reduce your costs.

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We are approved to provide business tariff rate comparison for all UK suppliers. Request an information pack from us today.....

Trusted by the UK's top business energy suppliers.

We will negotiate the best energy deal for your business. Already have a price? Challenge us to beat it, free.
*Our customers save up to 36% when compared to the major energy suppliers standard out of contract rates.