Half Hourly Electricty Supplies

What are Half Hourly Electricity Meters?

Incorrect metering can very quickly lead to high energy bills, so for businesses it is vital that energy usage is accurately monitored, this is achieved by the use of half hourly meters.  Half hourly meters capture details about a businesses electricity usage every 30 minutes and are automated to send this information via a phone line or internet connection to the supplier in real time.

If your business has a peak electricity demand of 100 Kilo Volt Amperes (KVA) or higher, more than three times per year, then you will be required to have a half hourly meter installed.  If you are unsure whether you have a half hourly meter the easiest way to check is to see if the supply number (S number) begins with ’00’ as this denotes a half hourly supply.

What information is required to provide a Half Hourly electricity quotation?

When it comes to providing supplier price comparison quotations for Half Hourly meters due to the extra variables compared to non half hourly it is best if you speak to a member of our team on 0843 456 0066 so we can ascertain exactly your business electricity requirements.

Generally we require the following information to allow us to furnish you with quotations bespoke to your needs.

Please have the following information to hand:

The postcode in which your Half Hourly supply is located.  This is normally shown on a recent invoice and will be the address under the title ‘For electricity supplied to’, etc.

The Meter Point Administration Number, also known as the MPAN, Supply Number or S-Number, is a 21 digit unique reference number used to identify electricity supplies.  Your supplies MPAN will be shown on invoices from your current supplier.

When gathering quotations from suppliers we sometimes need to request information from your current supplier so having this information is useful.

The unit rates offered by suppliers vary according to your total annual consumption, with the more units used the cheaper the unit rate.  We therefore need to know your supplies total annual consumption in either units or kWh’s.

Depending on your supplies measurement class you may have a kVA figure associated with the supply, so we can make quotations as accurate as possible we will need to know this figure.

A Meter Operator or MOP contract is a legal requirment for all Half Hourly supplied meters.  This contract covers the supply of the meter, maintencance and the necessary telecommunications for sending your consumption data.

We can supply quotations excluding or inclusive of Meter Operator Costs, please tell us if you appoint your own meter operator or if you would like suppliers to provide prices using their meter operator services.

When would you like the contract for your Half Hourly supply to start and what is your preferred contract duration (12, 24, 35, 48 months, etc).