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US offers $420m to advance clean energy breakthroughs

Funding opportunity worth $420 million (£308.6m) has been announced for the Department of Energy’s (DOE) Energy Frontier Research Centres (EFRC) to advance clean energy breakthroughs.

The EFRCs are expanding across dozens of states, with the funding used to advance climate solutions through early-stage research on clean energy technology, advanced and low carbon manufacturing and quantum information science.

Since the programme’s introduction in 2009, there have been 88 EFRCs across 41 states, with 41 currently active.

EFRC research has led to hundreds of scientific discoveries and more than 200 issued patents that have led to the development of clean technologies such as high-capacity batteries, windows that convert sunlight to electricity and materials that can capture carbon dioxide.

Energy Secretary Jennifer M. Granholm said: “Spearheaded by world-leading scientists, DOE’s Energy Frontier Research Centers are innovation powerhouses that have unlocked scientific breakthroughs leading to transformative climate solutions like solar windows and carbon capture technology.

“This funding will create good-paying jobs and open doors to an array of clean energy technologies across industries that will be crucial to lowering carbon emissions, meeting our climate goals and creating the clean infrastructure of the future.”

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